Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – New Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

New Samsung Galaxy Smartphone – Galaxy S9 Plus

Get to know about the New Samsung Galaxy Smartphone:

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S9Plus Colors

Samsung S9 Plus Specification:

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New Samsung Galaxy Smartphone- S9 Plus display

The Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S9 plus has Super AMOLED 6.2-inch display with huge colors that have been considered as one of the best today, offers vast dynamic range and the best viewing experience you can see in a mobile phone.

The display ratio of 18.5:9  gives you a cinematic view and stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos enhance sound quality and offer you a pure and surrounded sound.

S9PLUS Screen

In the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S9 plus bright display, you can view photos and videos vividly. When you are outside—It automatically increases the contrast so that even in daylight you will see amazing detail on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

Battery life: Unlike, Samsung Galaxy S9, the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone S9 plus has a 3,500mAh battery. Even though it may be a weak factor of this phone that is not offering as much battery life as one can like to have.

Camera: The Samsung galaxy s9 plus the camera is inbuilt with f/1.5 aperture. Its world’s first phone with this aperture. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus camera is one of the best on the market. The dual camera phone with dual aperture capability provides amazingly beautiful snaps even in a little dark situations makes it a low light camera phone.

S9plus Camera

S9Plus Camera Preview
Colors can seem a bit fade in higher exposure but the power of the sensor with built-in memory. That, craft it smarter and left low noise shots.



Truly, It’s an all-rounder phone, however, the weight on the camera is a bit additional than balanced. The approach seems to be focusing on one feature (the camera).

Samsung Galaxy s9 plus review shows that its one of the best smartphones you can get. Which offers an elegant and really big curved screen size of 6.2-inch.

Also, it presents with essential marking in its design, like IP68 rating. So, you don’t need to be afraid to go out in the rain. With the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone  S9 Plus, You can even text or take photos even in the rain.

You are getting a fingerprint sensor, great speakers and most importantly the low-light focused camera. That, make snaps photos brighter in the dark or dim light. These Samsung S9 Plus Specification and features make it considered the best camera phone 2018 and amazing Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

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