Samsung new camera sensor with 64-megapixel image, rolling up

Samsung new camera sensor 64mp

Samsung has now announced a camera sensor for mobile phones with a higher resolution. It also claims that there is no phone camera comparable with anyone in the current market. This is the highest resolution yet by the company.

The 64-megapixel Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 and 48-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GM2, Both are the latest version with 0.8-micrometer (μm) image sensor series, where the earlier models having just 20-megapixel cameras. In other words, 64-megapixel sensor-The ISOCELL Bright GW1 uses the same 0.8μm-sized pixels as Samsung’s current 48-megapixel component.

It’s coming in at 1/1.72-inch,  the sensor produces 16-megapixel images, that simply means that It’ll be a larger sized sensor that can capture more light in total, thanks to pixel binning.

Both the sensors are enabled with the technology to merge four pixels into one so that it can produce bright images with a lower pixel count even in low-light conditions. And also provides highly-detailed snaps with a full-pixel count in brighter setups. The Bright GW1 will provide images of 16-megapixel by merging every four pixels into one. It’s just like existing 48-megapixel sensors that turn out 12-megapixel photos.

Samsung is rolling out with a new camera sensor has the highest, 64-megapixel

Samsung new camera sensor Bright GW1 will also capable to filter the color for full-resolution 64-megapixel snap in good light output. The same ability is available in Sony’s IMX586 48-megapixel sensor. Today this Korean company is also going to announce an upgraded 48-megapixel part that lets the equal feature.

In addition, the GW1 sensor also has better HDR capabilities and equally supports super phase detection auto-focus technology, 480fps video recording, and Dual Conversion Gain (DCG).

The 48-megapixel cameras are nowadays usual in current phones of Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, and others players. That’s why Samsung is hoping this 64-megapixel part for mass production. This will start in the second half of this year.

So you can expect to see spec sheets with 64-megapixel in late-2019 flagships phones. Also Sony which is a sensor market leader can follows the same.

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