Samsung rumored to release vertically foldable phone with 6.7-inch display

Samsung Vertically foldable phone

Samsung had recently released its first foldable phone, Galaxy Fold. But under some problems, it has pulled back the phone and postponed its launch. Still, there is no news of Samsung Galaxy Fold’s release. Keeping this aside, Samsung is still reportedly working on another, vertically foldable phone, Korea’s ET News released an article on the web. As per the report, this time, the Korean tech giant is working for a clamshell-like phone with a vertically folding design. In the phone, the top half would fold downwards over the bottom half. The display while unfold would be 6.7-inch.

Samsung rumored to release a vertically foldable phone with a 6.7-inch display

The ET News further says that Samsung’s new folding phone would have the top and bottom halves of the display that is foldable-inward. It would look like a folder phone. In the mobile industry, it’s called the ‘clamshell’ type. Because the whole top of the device covers the entire bottom, just like a shell lid. Also, in the folded situation, a small 1-inch display will be given to the front for simple information.

Unlike Galaxy Fold where the display is horizontally foldable, this phone will have a vertically folding structure. The display sizes are also different in both phones. Galaxy Fold had 7.3-inch when unfold, which is a tablet-size screen, But the new foldable phone will have a 6.7-inch display. The Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy A70 have already opted 6.7-inch display. This maximizes the characteristic of the screen and makes the smartphone thin and compact.

As per the ET News report, Samsung Electronics has announced to launch a Foldable Smartphone under a separate product family. Though Galaxy Fold released has been delayed, Samsung is working to expand its foldable smartphones category. The tech giant is hoping to create new markets that will be based on its long-term strategy.

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