Self-Driving Car Technology may soon be seen on the streets

Self driving car technology

Different robotics are compelling us to think, can they ever replace human. Likewise, when we hear about Self-Driving cars, we think, what will be the future of our personal transportation? The world is moving towards Self-Driving car technology. Thinking about it, feel, we are watching a science-fiction film. But now it’s a reality, not a fiction.

Today, car companies have started putting semi-autonomous features such as self-braking and parking-support. Talking about self-driving cars, they will be completely anonymous and able to work without human interfaces. Google is developing AI for the continuation of self-driving car technology, which will be marketed by 2020. 


What is Self-Driving car technology?

Self-driving car technology can also be called driverless or anonymous driving technology. Self-driving cars or other driver vehicles do not require humans, to control them and to operate. Instead, the sensors, AI and software run a self-driving car or driverless vehicle. The software also navigates and controls the vehicle.

  • Doesn’t require humans interface to control
  • Sensors, AI, and software run a driverless vehicle
  • Hard designed to understand barriers and to predict the object

Today, self-driving car technology is not live. In other words, it is said that there are currently no ‘driverless’ vehicles operating on the roads. But this technique is not far away. Since the world is adopting new technologies, we can soon see self-driving cars running in front of ourselves. Based on the estimates of some automobile manufacturers and technology companies, auto-driving cars may be available for sale in a few years. Based on the estimation of some automobile manufacturers and technology companies, Self-driving cars may be available for sale in a few years. At present, self-driving car technology is evolving by Google, Uber, Tesla, Nissan, and some other automotive, researchers and technology companies.

Self driving car technology

How Self-Driving car works?

Most Self-Driving cars or vehicles produce internal maps around them. Based on this map, their sensors and radars maintain and control them. In the same way, Self-driving car technology also uses laser beams, high-powered cameras and sonar to map.
The software and AI then process the input according to the map and creates the path for the vehicle. In addition, the software controls self-driving car acceleration, brakes, and steering. Its protocol has been strictly designed to understand barriers and to predict the object. AI also understands the distance between one object and the other. The interesting fact is that the software adheres to the traffic rules!


Current challenges with Self-Driving car technology

Although the driving car technologies are being developed by major vehicle manufacturers themselves, there are some challenges associated with it.

  1. Must be able to make quick decisions – Self-driving car technology should make rapid decisions in important situations. If they will be able to judge the situation, then it can be safer for humans.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness – Initially every technique comes with high cost. Because of this, only rich communities can buy them. Self-driving car technology is also in the early stages and can be very far to reach the common people.
  3. Road infrastructure – Even if we develop self-driving car technology with perfection, yet according to its protocol, road compatibility will be required.
  4. Government permissions – Later, there are different rules and regulations for the protection of people in the countries. Therefore, for the sale of auto-driving cars in the country, companies may require government approval.

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