Smart Home Trends in 2020

Smart home trends

Your AC turns on when you get home and you can also turn it off when you go out. Similarly, nowadays you can turn on your home lights with just one push on your smartphone. Also, you can see your home on the smartphone’s display from anywhere in the world using a security camera and apps. A decade back, Smart Home was imagination but today it’s a  reality. And this is Smart Home trends today.


Current and upcoming Smart Home Trends

Smart Home products and home automation are making our day-to-day life easy, smarter and more comfortable ever. Technology is also growing daily in this field. New smart products are being developed and coming into the market. Each new smart product is providing you a solution for problems you didn’t have. In this article, we’ll show you the Smart Home trends in 2019.


Growing Smart Home Trends with IoT and Smart devices

A big number of users have started using Smart Home and IoT devices. Tech users have known that smart home trends will be the next emerging tech trend in 2019 and the coming years. We have already started seeing Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers. In the same way, there is a huge number of compatible smart devices with these assistants. Also, Amazon has launched several Echo devices and consistently developing new ones. This is a positive sign of the new Smart Home trends.


Smart Home Speakers

Smart Speakers to help you control home devices

As previously mentioned Amazon and Google are consistently working on their Smart speakers and Virtual Assistants. Every time they are coming with new smart tech and a set of skills. In the same way, new smart home and IoT compatible devices are being seen each day. Google Assistant button is in the smartphone tech trends of 2019. We are Apple is also standalone in its smartphone and other products which are powered by Siri.

The smart speaker works on your voice and even you don’t need to go anywhere to press button or switch. They connect with all your smart devices and controls your entire home.



More Smartwatches and wearables

You must have heard about smartwatches. Apple last year, launched Apple Watch 4 along with iPhone X and iPhone XS Max. in the same way major Tech Giants like Samsung also launched its smartwatches and gears. There are many smart wearables are available in the market to measure your footsteps and heartbeats and even blood pressure. These are smart devices that are somewhere or the other connected to your everyday home life. As per last year’s market analysis, the smartwatches sale has grown by 26 percent and smart wearables by 9 percent.

With increasing speed and accuracy of internet speed, these devices are being more accurate and believable for our day to day life. people are using these as a utility to make their life much easier and smarter than ever.


Display-Equipped Smart Speakers

Along with the development of smart speakers, now there is a trend of speakers integrated with the display. The type of device is easy to use while talking and interacting with people. You can chat and also see them using the display of the device. Alexa-powered Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Google Assistant-powered Smart Display are an example of Display -equipped smart speakers. Video calling and faster interaction are the key utilities of these speakers.


Streaming TV

Faster live TVs adoption

One of the biggest smartphone trends we can see these days are the faster adoption of internet TV and live video streaming services such as Amazon Prime videos, Netflix and many others. With growing internet speed and faster broadband in homes, internet TVs, Android TVs, and streaming service platforms are being easier to come into the reach of people. The next best part of live streaming TVs are, users can watch their favorite shows anywhere and anytime. That simply means they don’t need to sit around the TV and watch pre-scheduled TV shows accordingly. They are free to stream the shows, movies, series 24/7. YouTube Originals is one of the fastest-growing live streaming platforms that Google wants to widespread.


4K resolution

4K Resolution

Earlier we had talked about smart speakers with inbuilt display, and video streaming services like Amazon prime videos, Netflix and YouTube Originals. Then you should also know about the high-resolution devices that we will use at home in the future. Smart TVs are we already know about, and we have reached to full HD resolution. But in the near future, the resolution is going to be 4K. Some of the large televisions are started coming with 4K resolution. In the future, the sale of devices with the 4K resolution is expecting to grow higher.


The growing use of Smart Lighting

Have you ever thought you could adjust the brightness of your home lights just by moving fingers on your smartphone screen? This has become possible now due to the latest innovations in smart home lighting systems and Smart devices.

Instead of pressing switches on the wall panel, you just press a tab on your smartphone marked “Cooking” in the kitchen. Smart switches in different panels let you control lights in different rooms. You can dim them so the kids can play video games, and even you can bright them for study. Or hit the mark for a soft glow and sultry blue.

Smart Home lighting technology has an incredible transformation that’s going to make lighting more integral to our everyday lives. Even we’re going to use light to alter our moods, protect our well-being, safeguard our homes, and after all to save energy. That’s why Smart lighting is a key part of Smart Home Trends in 2019.



Smartphones Tech Trends

Of course, Smartphone plays a big role in our day-to-day life. That’s why we need to include Smartphone Tech Trends in Smart Home Trends in 2019. The smartphone industry is one of the fastest-growing industries.  With growing technology, the smartphone is also enhancing themselves.  A wave of 5G technology has made a huge boost to this industry. Biggest smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, and Motorola are continuously working and planning to launch their 5G phones by late 2019 or 2020. Samsung has already launched a 5G device, Galaxy S10 5G.

In the same way, the smartphone is going to be foldable. Companies are about to launch their Foldable Phones soon. Triple cameras, Multiple cameras, flip cameras in the phone’s rear is much obvious today. This shows that Smartphone developers are constantly making their phones smarter than ever.


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