Smart speaker could help when you’re experiencing cardiac arrest

Smart speaker

For Cardiac patients, Cardiac arrest happens frequently, and in most of the times at home. Sometime patient may not have people around to ask for his help. In the situation, your smart speaker can help you. University of Washington researchers has designed a proof-of-concept AI that detects the cues of cardiac arrest through your voice. The AI even respond as per the voice clues.

Smart speaker could help when you’re experiencing cardiac arrest

This whole feature applied to 911 voice samples to get the keen sounds of agonal breathing. This sound is distinctive and creates gasps of air that come with cardiac arrest. The system first asks to help the cardiac victim from people nearby to provide CPR. If it found no buddy around then will call 911.

The training of the AI system was tested and varied to avoid false positive responses to get the initial high accuracy. The AI of the system only misidentified 0.22% breathing or less in a single event, but it detected accurately in the next events at least 10 seconds apart.

This is not just a theory but tested and applied exercise. Scientists have already crafted a company to make this tech commercial. This is completely specific to continually pay attention to breathing noises. So you, at this time, won’t see Alexa or Google Assistant with this feature but has possibilities.

Though the system can be in any form or design, we will soon see the final look of the device soon, but the main aim is to help seniors who usually face cardiac arrest.  The system would make sense for health sensors and other related devices. Also, it could lower the risk and offer independence to seniors and cardiac patients. The smart speaker with proof-of-concept AI can save people in cardiac arrest crisis and provide them risk-free situations.


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