Enforced Smart Uniform in Chinese school to track Kid’s location

Smart Uniform

Technology is growing rapidly. In this era, we’re hearing new things and innovations every day. With the blink of an eye, we get something new in the market. This time we’ve got a Smart Uniform in Chinese school for children.

Smart Uniform in Chinese school to track Kid’s location

Did you ever think your kid will wear a Smart Uniform when going to school? Yes, China has introduced a Smart Uniform in Chinese school for kids to track their exact location.

Smart Uniform
PHOTO: Guanyu Technology’s marketing manager also bragged of the uniforms’ capabilities on a personal Weibo account. (Supplied: Guanyu Technology)

What is Smart Uniform?

Technology is not just about the gadgets, but it helps us in many ways by integrating with useful things. Smart Uniform is one of the tech utility that can prevent the parents and teachers from worrying about the child. Additionally, The guardian of the child wearing the Smart Uniform can get better surveillance for him or her.


How a Smart Uniform can help to monitor the child?

Let’s know some features of the Smart Uniform –

  • Smart Chip in the uniform can track kid’s location
  • Completely washable
  • Can endure up to 150 degree Celsius temperature

The Smart Uniform has features to provide additional surveillance to children. Because it’s equipped with a chip in the shoulders. And that can easily track the in and out activities of a child, The Verge Reported. And thankfully, It’s fully washable.

Moreover, there are few more features the Smart Uniform has. Such as, the uniform can endure up to 150 degree Celsius temperature, and it can also detect if the child falls asleep during the class.

Reportedly, having the Smart Uniform’s facial and fingerprint recognition software, the kids can make payments to their friends.

The Outline

Nowadays, it’s much stressful to monitor the child in outdoor activities. And during the school, it’s a matter of worry to track a child. The useful tech implementation like Smart Uniform can reduce the worries and provide extra surveillance to the kid.

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