Technology Trends that you must know in 2020

If you are already reading about new technology trends like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, then you may also know that these technologies are growing rapidly. These emerging technologies are changing the way we work, think and communicate. Today, technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality is exploring opportunities in every field.

Top 5 Technology Trends in 2020

In the past few years, these technologies have emerged and have become very popular. Technology is revolutionizing our daily lives and now many of them have become part of our lives. There are some technology trends that will be useful for you in the coming years, and those that should be known about. So let’s know what Technology Trends are going to be popular in 2020.

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI technology trend1

AI is about all the intelligent machines that can artificially work as human-like speaking, reading, watching, recognizing things and emotions. Using algorithms and codes, machines can do tasks that are very difficult for us. And that too with the accuracy and efficiency. AI began to be used everywhere from healthcare to banking. It is also being used in gadgets too. Various voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant are operated by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Today, many researchers and companies are working in this area to help us in our daily lives. AI is already creating its possibilities in many ways such as AI in healthcare and even AI news anchor.  It’s developing eagerly for many specific branches.  And this is one of the technology trends in 2019.

2. Machine Learning

Machine Learning technology trends

Another interesting and emerging technology is machine learning. It’s a part of AI, which is the machine’s ability to learn, analyze and track through its own. In other words, Putting the skill to learn in a machine or computer is Machine Learning, that provides an ability to understand data. It’s possible through algorithms.

Like AI, Machine Learning has got popularity in the technology world. Similarly, it’s one of the most emerging technology and companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and IBM are working to develop it further. Moreover, continuous research for Machine Learning applications will become more flexible for new possibilities in the future. More viable Machine Learning is one of the technology trends in 2020.

3. IoT

IoT technology trend

IoT is one of the fastest emerging techs in recent years. ‘Internet of Things’ is simply an idea or concept through which all the smart devices can interconnect using the internet.

The Internet of Things is a network that uses the software, electronics, and the internet to help connect devices, gadgets or appliances with each other. Once they interconnect, they can communicate and exchange information. Radio-frequency identification (RFID), sensor, wireless and QR code are applications of IoT. Similarly, AI and Machine Learning are also associated with the concept of the Internet of things.

If you are aware of Smart Homes and Home automation, IoT is the main idea behind the devices and types of equipment that are making your home Smart.


4. Augmented Reality


AR is increasingly applying nowadays. It has been started using a wide range of activities including art, entertainment, trade, education, and army. And Also available on your smart device. Augmented Reality (AR) enhances users’ experience by overlaying sounds, videos, graphics, etc. on real things. Unlike VR, AR develops a reality by overlaying digital elements on it. Also, it adds information into the originally viewed natural things.

Augmented Reality applications are growing rapidly. It’s important to realize that it has an extraordinary capability to transform our perception of the human being. Some AR Mobile Apps are the best example of its usability. AR is also using in industries such as healthcare, public safety, tourism and marketing gas, and oil. That’s why Augmented Reality is considering as one of the technology trends in 2019.


5. 5G Technology


You might have heard about 5G. Obviously, it’s a next-generation mobile network technology that will provide much faster speed than today’s 4G LTE network.  Developers and companies have started demonstrating the expected capabilities, which would be possible after the 5G speed.

A leading company Nokia is working on ‘5G First’. Similarly, 5G-ready devices are in focus by phone manufacturers. However, the 5G technology may commercially be available in 2020 but has started showing its glimpse in 2019. After all, 5G should also be considered in Mobile Tech Trends in 2020.


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