Telegram updates add new features like Silent Message, Slow Mode and more

Telegram updates

Telegram updates with some exciting and useful features this week. In this new Telegram updates, there is an enhancement in the app with newly added features such as silent message, dark theme, and new emojis, etc.

Nowadays, the app like WhatsApp and Telegram have been too popular. Getting popularity and attracting a number of people, are good. But there must be some control over the app so that people don’t get annoyed rather pleasing. It seems, Telegram app thought that. And in this Telegram updates users got new features which help them have more control on messaging on telegram.

Telegram updates add many new features

Telegram added Silent Message feature that let you send a message with completely no sound. In other words, without getting any notification sound you would simply send the new message. This feature will help you to send any message when the recipient is asleep, or busy anywhere. That means, without disturbing anyone you can send a message, and the recipient will get the notification as usual without a sound.

Another, Slow Mode feature also was a requirement for most or users. if you use WhatsApp, you’ve often seen people sending messages to fast. And in a group, if many people send the messages too fast, then it sometimes becomes difficult to understand who is saying what. In the latest Telegram updates, the Slow Mode will prevent users to send the message too frequently. In other words, admin can limit the people to send one message par interval. The group admin can set the limit and the interval period for all group users. For example, if the admin has set 30 seconds interval limit, any member can send a new message only after 30 seconds.

Another interesting feature which is also being popular and enabling in apps like YouTube, Chrome, Twitter, is Dark Mode. In the latest Telegram updates, you can use night mode that allows you to customize the new night themes as per your interest.

Apart from this, other features that Telegram has added such as custom titles for good group admins, looped playback for animated stickers and many new emojis.

Here are all changes for Telegram version 5.10

  • Hold the Send button to send a message without notification sound – in case the recipient is asleep.
  • Enable and customize Slow Mode in Group Permissions to control the frequency of post from members.
  • Set custom titles for admins – Group Admin can set his Title as per interest.
  • Enable Dark Mode and choose different colors for dark themes in Settings and Appearance.
  • Get looped playback for animated stickers in Settings > Stickers.
  • Add animated emojis such as heart, thumbs up, wow or party to your chat.

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