Facebook reportedly working for new app called Threads

Threads App

Facebook is working for a new messaging app named Threads. The app is being developed to promote consistent, internal sharing between users and their closest friends.

‘Threads’ is created as an associative app of Instagram. using the new app, you can automatically share your location, speed, and battery life with friends. Also, you can share more complexed text, photo, and video messages using Instagram’s tools. The app will be listed on Instagram, which is created to share with your “close friends”. The App is now in internally testing at Facebook.

Threads App is being developed

Facebook has analyses that users are spending more time on the apps that are connecting close friends. One of the examples is Snapchat, that’s already has a healthy portion of its users. Some reports indicated that Snapchat user, on an average, spends more time inside the app than the Instagram user spends. Also, Snapchat has strong engagement in younger users.

Facebook now think that a messaging app designed to connect with close friends are more popular these days. That’s why Threads is being developed that could compete with their rival.

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The Verge reviewed the screenshots of the app. It says that after Opting into automatic sharing, Threads will constantly update your status, and give to your friends in a real-time view. The information will include your location, speed, and more. However, Threads will not display your real-time location. Instead, it could say to your close friend “on the move,” or something like this.

As a user, you can also manually update your status in the main feed along with your messages. It’s the newest task that automates your status sharing using mobile phone sensors, and also using one-tap status sharing. Also, Threads has a camera, that can be used to capture photos and videos, and share them to your close friends.

However, the launch time of Threads is still not revealed. Facebook might test it deeply before launching it to the general public. Threads seem to show the company’s latest effort to compete with the rivals.

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