TikTok parent ByteDance reportedly planning its own smartphone

Tiktok Smartphone

ByteDance, which is the owner of TikTok is reportedly building its own smartphone. The ByteDance also owns the apps such as news aggregator Jinri Toutiao and collaboration tool Lark. Through anonymous sources, The Financial Times reported the smartphone by the company will have all ByteDance’s apps. In other words, the apps will be pre-loaded in the device.

TikTok owner ByteDance is working on its smartphone

ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming is said that he was dreaming of making such a device where all their apps are loaded. He said that his dream is now closer to reality. The TikTok owner confirmed that this year, the company has already acquired few patents. And got some employees from smartphone maker Smartisan.

However, the report didn’t give information about the smartphone’s design. Although it’s difficult to release it in the United States due to the government’s stance against Chinese telecommunication, ByteDance is still planning to launch it.

Previous devices of a similar type have flopped in the market previously. But if ByteDance’s smartphone will achieve success, it can inspire other players to plan about their specific phones. The list may include Amazon’s Fire Phone, which can show Amazon storefront and online shopping features, And Facebook, which will be easier to handle for the app lovers.

But the selling point of the ByteDance smartphone with preloaded TikTok and other apps is still not clear. Because a regular smartphone can also download these apps easily.

For TikTok lovers, a smartphone will somehow optimize the app usage, that may favor a niche segment. As we know TikTok has recently gained much popularity, the ByteDance is now looking to expand its user base with this new smartphone.

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