Triple camera at rear of the Smartphone, All about it

Triple camera in the rear of the Smartphone, it’s a trend today! But when the phones were in their early stage, did anyone think that sometimes Smartphones would have a feature like a triple camera? In the earliest of phone manufacturing, the phone used to come with a signal rear camera, which used to be 5-megapixel pixels. Slowly, the camera quality and pixels improve. And 12 or 16-megapixel phone camera ware introduced. In 2011, Dual Camera also started coming in smartphones, which make photography special from smartphones. Thanks to the fast-growing tech, now the Triple camera has started to integrate into the rear of the Smartphone. In the same way, some phone manufacturers have started launching triple camera Smartphones.

Let’s see why a smartphone needs a Triple Camera setup and what are its benefits?

What is the need for a Triple camera in the Smartphone?

There has been a lot of development in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence in a few years. Thanks to this, the Triple Camera in the Smartphone is now capable of taking professional photographs. The Tri-camera in the rear can give a very clear photo in low light. Also, by taking the desired details with Wide Angle and Zoom, it is helpful to take a lot to take clear snaps.

triple camera Smartphone huawei

In addition to this, Triple rear cameras are very useful for highlighting objects or faces as compared to the background. For example, the Night mode in Huawei P20 Pro enables you to take photos for six seconds of exposure time.

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Like a Dual-camera is now a necessity of a Smartphone, the Triple Rear camera, which is a clear extension, is going to be the most important feature of the Smartphone. Adding the third lens to the camera system can increase its combined camera performance and capabilities.

What are the benefits of the rear triple camera on the smartphone?

  1. Higher Resolution Image: If you have a higher resolution camera then it will give you a very good image which will be worth printing. You can also use this photo of Professional Quality for zooming and cropping. Despite much zoom and distance, you will get many details in your images.
  2. Better low light Image: In this Tri-camera system, an additional camera improves the condition of the light in the photo. A high-speed monochrome sensor with better light sensitivity is capable of providing a good snap in very low light or at night too.
  3. Multi-Aperture for accurate and clear image: Just like high-resolution and low-light sensitivity is necessary, a switchable aperture is also beneficial in the camera. Aperture is an important factor that determines how much light the sensor has to reach. Here, more light means to give a bright picture in the dark, that too with low noise. Telephoto or wide-angle lenses are also using this technique.
  4. Zoom further to capture more details: In the triple camera system, the additional camera is able to zoom more. For example, the camera of HUAWEI P20 Pro offers a 3x zoom. That higher zoom means getting very good details even with distant captures.
  5. More Stabilized Image: If you want HDR images with more exposure, and without the risk of getting a blurred image, then a dedicated monochrome sensor is the best option for you. The triple camera helps to make your image more stable.
  6. Better Portrait with Bokeh and Depth detection: With soft-bokeh and background blur effects, you succeed in getting good portraits. Although it is possible to do both with the dual camera, a dedicated third camera can provide better results by providing more depth to your images.
  7. Wide-angled Snaps: Wide-angle images have been one of the favorite options for most of us. In such images, a wider view can be captured in the same frame. Often with zoom, you can’t fully capture your desired large view. Here, the same wide-angle feature can help you a lot to capture a wider snap.

triple camera rear smartphone

Smartphones with Triple camera at the rear

Triple camera rear smartphone was first introduced by HUAWEI with its model P20 pro. HUAWEI has also launched more Triple Rear Camera Phones such as Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, and Mate 20X.

Along with this, LG and Samsung have also launched their new phones in this technology series. LG’s triple rear camera Smartphone Model is LG V40 ThinQ ™. Similarly, Samsung’s Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A80 are also accompanied by a three rear camera. Some other phone makers such as Xiaomi can also launch a new Tri-camera smartphone model soon. Newly, Apple has also launched iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max with Triple rear cameras.

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The Outline

The third camera in the Tri-camera setup justifies the size and complexity by providing additional value to your images. The Triple camera configuration can provide features like low-light and proper optical zoom of 3x or more.

Although this camera technology in Smartphones has started coming in, it still needs integration with the advanced apps, which is also being developed. A Triple Camera system with Advance Camera App can provide a high resolution, better quality image in any light conditions.

Despite all the features, many Smartphone makers are not considering this in their phones. For example, Google launches its Pixel series phones with single cameras only. However, as per several rumors or leaks, the company is planning to integrate three cameras in the upcoming Pixel 4 models.

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