Twitter will remove precise location in Tweets, Said users don’t use

Twitter Precise Location tag

Twitter has an announcement today from its support account, which says that Twitter is removing the option to tag precise locations in tweets. Further, it is written that the feature will still be available for photos through the updated camera of the app. The company stated the reason that “most people don’t tag their precise location in Tweets.”

Twitter is going to remove precise location tagging

Today, a tweet shared by Twitter in its own account saying that it is removing the precise location from the Tweets. Also, said that users can still use the feature through Twitter’s updated camera.

However, Twitter users can also opt out of location sharing option in “privacy and safety”. That means if you don’t want to share your precise location, you should turn off the feature.

The feature is still available to Twitter’s camera. So if you don’t want to share your location in any way, keep turn off this feature. Still, after Twitter removes the precise location sharing feature, you can share your location through services like Foursquare.


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