7 Useful Things That Google Lens Can Do for You

Google Lens Use

The Google Lens, Google’s best AI tool, is capable of doing wonders for you. With the help of this powerful AI-integrated feature, you can get easy information about your daily life. The cool things you can do with Google Lens are – search for everything, get famous places, know plants, restaurants and foods, and many more. In fact, the Lens can now detect over 1 billion objects. What are Google Lens uses and what it can do? Read further.

What are the useful things Google Lens can do?

All you have to do, take a snap, and open it with the Google Photos app, and tap on the Google Lens icon to get all related information on your tip. Here, we’ll tell you what useful and interesting things you can do with this camera app.


Scan the contact info

You can simply point the text to a business card or label on the camera and save the contact details directly from your phone. No need to manually enter the details. Receive the details saved in your phone in a few seconds. If you want to call the given number without saving it in your phonebook, you’ll also get an icon to call to the contact number directly.

Google lens Contact save

Scan the codes

Nowadays, barcodes are everywhere and on every product. Now you can learn about things, just scan its barcode or QR code. The full information will be in front of you using the Google Lens feature. And after finding the information, there’s a lot to find out about it.

Google Lens QR code Scan


Identify new objects

With AI features in Google Lens, you can also identify the new things you don’t know about. Take a box of the product of a new company and snap it. After tapping on the Google Lens icon, you’ll find detailed information about it in the results. Explore these results and learn as much as you want. Similarly, you can snap a book and see it with the Google Lens. You’ll find all the details from its author to publication.

Google Lens Uses

Get product reference

You just liked apparel and design. But with this, you want more context and similar design or pattern. Go and explore with Google Lens. You’ll find other related details with similar patterns, colors or designs with other related details. Similarly, Google Lens can also refer you to more options for other products.

Google Lens Product

Identify a place

To identify a place, you were asking a local person. But now the technology has evolved. Here you can find the name of a place, building or any place with Google Lens. Additionally, this camera app can recognize the background of your capture and can inform you of what the place was.

Read the text

Maybe it’s a business card, text on hoarding or a board on which something is written, Google Lens will help you copy the text to your clipboard. What if there’s any other language that you do not understand? Don’t worry, you can recognize them too, using this amazing AI feature.

Google Lens Text

Know plants and animals

The Internet is such a sea of information where you can search for anything. But what if you don’t already know the names of those things you want to find on a search engine? Let’s take an example, you saw a flower or a plant and you don’t know its name. In that case, you’ll try to find it by entering some of its attributes. Yes, you can, but it’ll take a lot of time. Now on the Google Photo app, tap the Lens icon on the photo of the flower and get results from its name to the look-alike flowers or plants.

Google Lens is also useful for identifying animals, paintings in the museum and knowing historical places and things. Likewise, you get more information about the book using the app.

Above, you knew what Google lenses could do for you. All this was possible through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which is growing day by day. Moreover, Google is constantly putting superior Artificial Intelligence in Google Lens App so that it can be more helpful than ever.

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