Whatsapp Message Forward is the limit of five

Whatsapp forward message

WhatsApp is limiting the forwarded message across the world. After this limit, a user can now forward a message five times. In other words, a WhatsApp message can’t be forwarded more than five times from a user. Facebook’s messaging service ‘WhatsApp’ has implemented this limit globally.

The popular messaging service Whatsapp, which has around 1.5 billion users worldwide, has set this threshold to prevent misinformation and rumors. False news and misinformation were spreading out using the message platform with the earlier limit. In the meantime, there was 20 WhatsApp forward message limit for the user.


WhatsApp message forward is limiting to five

This WhatsApp message forward limit has already tested in India. With the earlier forward limit of WhatsApp, much fake news had prompted some mob attacks and killings in India, after which this message forward limit was applied in the country in July last year. And now it is being implemented worldwide since January 21.


Recently, WhatsApp has made some other changes. One of them is to label the forwarded message. Which means that if you receive a message from someone, then forwarding that message will be labeled as ‘forwarded’ above that image, message or video clip. This WhatsApp forwarded message label shows that the user is just forwarding it, he has not actually created the message.

After limiting forwards to five, there was a considerable decline in the spread of misleading and fake information in India? However, the messaging service company did not disclose any data about the positive impact of labeling as a ‘forwarded’ and limiting WhatsApp message forward.

Maybe, this new WhatsApp message forward limit may help to prevent the spread of bad and fake information. But it is not necessary that what seems like. Despite the limit, a user can forward a message to any group. This means, if a person forwards a message to 5 groups of 256 people, then it’ll reach nearly 1,300 people even after having five times limit.

However, this step by the WhatsApp shows that the company is taking necessary measures to prevent misleading information from spreading.

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