Why Jony Ive is leaving Apple?

Jony Ive

The biggest news in limelight these days is that Jony Ive is leaving Apple. But who is Jony Ive? and why it’s the big news about Apple and people? This is because he had played an important role in Apple. Now the next questing is, who is Jony Ive? Let me tell you that Jony Ive is that man behind the design of the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, even the Apple Store.

Sir Jonathan Paul “Jony” Ive, is the Chief Design Officer of Apple. He joined Apple in 1992, and now it is almost 27 year, he has been working with the company. Jony Ive, in an interview, with the Financial Times that he is leaving Apple. But why is he departing from the company?

Why is Jony Ive leaving Apple?

After a long time span of more than two decades, he is leaving Apple because he is going to start an independent company LoveFrom. This creative agency by Jony Ive will count Apple as its primary client. Thankfully, somehow or the other, Jony Ive will still work for Apple. The transition of Ive will initiate later in 2019. Also, his new design company will launch in 2020.

Ive had greater responsibility and role after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away due to pancreatic cancer in 2011. He has a big part in Apple’s phones with singular slabs. He designed the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, even the Apple Store. His designs not only accelerate company but the industry too with his design inspirations.

Apple has also confirmed his departing through Apple Newsroom. The Company said that it won’t immediately appoint a new chief design officer. Instead, Alan Dye, who heads Apple’s user interface team, and Evans Hankey, head of industrial design, will handle the work and report directly to Apple’s chief operating officer, Jeff Williams.

Ive is still not clear how his new project, LoveFrom will work, But it will work on technology and health care. But the thing that is confirmed that this new firm will have Apple as the first client.

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