Xiaomi Foldable Phone is coming up soon

Xioami Foldable Phone

We predict that foldable phones can soon become the future of the smartphone. Tech Smartphone giants like Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc. are constantly launching promo and teasers to show their foldable smartphone technology. In the race, the flagship smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has now launched a new teaser of its foldable smartphone. Xiaomi Foldable Phone teasers and promos have already been launched and spread on social media and YouTube in the last few months.

Xiaomi Foldable phone

Xiaomi Foldable Phone – Xiaomi is coming up with Foldable Smartphone Tech

Samsung recently announced its Foldable Phone, Samsung Galaxy Fold. In the race, Xiaomi Foldable Phone is also trying to create a sensation among people with the teaser. This 10-second Xiaomi Foldable Phone video clip shows a bit of its function and the phone size after the fold. It also shows a triple foldable phone by Xiaomi.

The smartphones trend in 2019 has an important place for Foldable smartphones. Initially, Samsung’s announcement for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and also Huawei revealed Mate X. This Foldable Smartphone Trend looks like creating excitement in tech smartphone lovers.

Although Xiaomi had earlier launched few promos and clips, the details and specifications of the phone are still suspense. You can see only what the phone looks like by watching the video.

Watch the latest video clip by Xiaomi:


Watch other promos that uploaded earlier:

What looks in the teaser?

According to the teaser, we can estimate that there is a smooth transaction in the phone when fold and unfold. When it unfolds, the screen looks like a tablet. And when it folds, converts into a very small pocketable phone. However, when folded, Xiaomi Foldable Phone appears slightly thicker in width.

In the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the display is inside but the Xiaomi Foldable Phone has an exterior display. This is like Huawei’s Foldable Phone, where there is an exterior display. However, the new thing in Xiaomi’s foldable phone is that this external display turns into two folds inward. But that two-fold screen can be problematic in terms of scratches. Apart from this, when it’s folded, it can cause tension to the screen and can be loose when it comes out. Although all the things would have been considered by the company already and we can expect a better technique with this new concept.

Still waiting for…

As Xiaomi is throwing promo and teaser but still the detail and information has not come out anymore. Xiaomi has kept things secret like its specification, release date and pricing. Currently, we can only expect better technology and competitive pricing for this Xiaomi Foldable Phone.

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