YouTube is giving more control over Video Recommendations

YouTube Video Recommendations

YouTube is constantly innovating things to enhance users’ experiences. Recently the features like Time Watched and notification controls are an example of YouTube’s continuous improvement. Now the video streaming giant is more focusing on video recommendation algorithm. The recommendation algorithm has software that encourages users to watch the video just after one completes.

YouTube is giving you better control over Video Recommendations

The YouTube video recommendation menu labeled as “Up Next.” But the algorithm has been criticized to redirect people towards extreme content. To address the issue, YouTube has now wanted to provide more control over the algorithm to its users. The YouTube has announced on its official blog that Starting Wednesday, You can block any channel that is appearing in your YouTube recommendations. The feature will work in both the Android and iOS YouTube apps, and even will be on desktop soon.

YouTube will also start revealing the reason for its iOS users that why a specific video was recommended to them. It’s just like Facebook, that discloses you that why a specific advertisement or post is appearing in your News Feed. This will use for both Android and desktop in the future.

YouTube is also enabling a new feature to make the recommendation algorithm better and specific of the app. Through this, if an android user opens the app, will find a personalized list of recommended topics at the top of the screen. The feature is available for Android users who use the English language. The feature is soon coming to iOS, desktop, and other languages too.

YouTube, in the hope that users will find these new features help them navigate the number of different contents that are available on the platform. With this, now you can more easily find great videos to watch and get help searching new interests and passions. The video streaming giant wanting better connecting users with the content they love.


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