Keep track watching videos with new YouTube Time Watched tool

YouTube Time Watched tool

YouTube Time Watched tool: The leading video service, YouTube, has added a new tool on its app for both Android and iOS. The tool has been introduced as “Time watched”.

YouTube Time Watched tool will track YouTube watch time

The new YouTube Time Watched tool is present in the account menu of the app. As a part of Google’s effort towards digital wellbeing, this tool will now help users to understand their tech usage in a better way. The ‘Time Watched” will show you the total time you spend watching videos on YouTube.

The stats under the section will show you the time duration. You can analyze your video watch time on basis of the day, previous day, past week and daily average.

The YouTube’s other features such as ‘Reminder to take a break’, ‘Scheduled digest’, ‘Autoplay next video’ and ‘Disable sounds & vibration’ are also present in this new YouTube Time Watched tool section.


Time Watched

Reminder to take a break:

The tool allows you to set up a reminder to take a break. You can simply enable the tool and set a reminder frequency of the time you think right for you. Once you reach to already set time limit, a gentle reminder will appear on your phone screen.

Scheduled digest:

It can be an essential tool for most of us where you can better control over notifications that you receive from YouTube. It will bundle all your video notifications using one-touch enabling. As a result, you will be able to see them once in a day at your preferred time.

Disable sounds & vibration:

You can enable or disable sounds and vibrations of your notifications in the duration of time that you specify under Disable sounds & vibration tool. The feature makes you feel undisturbed while sleeping or working. Similarly, in the duration when you don’t want beeps and buzzes of your phone.

‘Time Watched’ will provide stats and analysis

All things considered, this new YouTube Time Watched tool let you keep a track of time that you are spending watching videos on the app. At the same time, you can enable or disable your video notifications. And make a bunch of notifications that will show only once in a day.

Important to realize, the YouTube is providing Time Watched tool to make you understand, how you use YouTube. So that you can develop your own sense of digital wellbeing.

Information Source: YouTube official blog

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